Flor Edwards is an author and lives in Los Angeles, California. By age twelve, Flor had lived in 24 different locations across three continents. Always on the move to escape the Antichrist and in preparation for the Apocalypse in 1993, her nomadic childhood prompted her to pen her memoir Apocalypse Child: A Life in End Times. In her debut memoir, Flor movingly describes her early life growing up with her family and 11 siblings as a member of The Children of God, a controversial religious movement that many describe as an apocalyptic cult.

Growing up, Flor was not allowed to read, write, or have a traditional education. Unable to communicate with anyone outside the group, she spent most of her days in compounds in Southeast Asia caring for younger children in the group, tending to chores, and memorizing scripture. After Father David, the cult’s leader, died in 1994, many of his 12,000 followers were abandoned in a world for which they were unprepared and struggled to adjust to life outside the group. Following Father David’s instructions to move back to the west right before his death, Flor and her family moved to California after a long, cold winter in Chicago where they had spent two years. The cult slowly disbanded. With no money, job, or education, Flor and her family started over in her father’s hometown of California.

Flor attended high school and it was in an English class in college at the age of 17 when she discovered she had a voice and decided to pursue a career as a writer, in part, so she could share her remarkable story with others. After over a decade of catching up on the traditional training she lacked, Flor completed Apocalypse Child and landed an agent in July 2014 who found her a publisher in January 2017. In her debut memoir, Flor attempts to capture her unique life experience and present it to the reader as best as she can in a clear, nonjudgmental way.

In 2011, Flor graduated from California State University-Fullerton with a BA in Print Journalism. Then she earned her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of California, Riverside in 2014. Apocalypse Child: A Life in End Times is set for release by Turner Publishing Company in March 2018. Head over to her Book page to find out more details about the book and its release.

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Author photo by Jasmin Kuhn

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