Writing is a powerful communication tool. There are many forms of writing, styles of writing, and even various types of writers or authors. Through writing we have the opportunity to share stories with others, create new stories, and establish lasting documents with the ultimate root of free expression and creativity. Words can create an entire new world not only for authors but also for readers. No matter the type or style of writing, words and writing are powerful.

Passion is a Root of Writing

Writers write simply by passion. There’s either a story to tell or a story to create. The craftsmanship of authors provides an astounding opportunity, an outlet if you would, for sharing unique details, little or big moments and turning specific time into a lasting document. Writing shapes the way humans communicate. It also shapes the way we dream and desire to live. Authors that write something write it with intention. There’s always a goal in writing that authors intend to reach, and passion is most likely always the root of that goal.

Turning Pictures into Words

A picture is worth a thousand words, but words must be written to mean something. Writing allows the author to create blooming visions for readers, painting a picture with every sentence. As an instrument that influences the world, writing has the ability to exist as a guiding light to the way people perceive something.

Some read to escape, as books and novels can direct a reading into a world other than their own. Other readers will read to learn something, perhaps about an event, news or function of life. As words paint pictures, authors have the power to determine what exactly that picture is.

Time and Talent

A writer doesn’t become successful overnight. Writing takes time, practice and often multiple drafts or versions. Writers must discover their talent, the amount of time they have to put into a piece of work and event discover a technique when writing. Technique is different depending on what you’re writing.

Rachel Gardner shares a little insite into first drafts and the drafts that writers have to go through. “This is what it takes to be good.” she states, on her informative writing blog. The hard work and dedication of authors pays off when the work is complete.

Writing has the power to influence the world in any direction the author wishes to take it. Whether you’re writing business documents, novels, short stories or even a blog, you as the writer have a power behind your words.